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Deer Antler Velvet Blog

Deer Velvet Benefits

See research and studies about the potential benefits of Deer Antler Velvet.  Find suuportive information as to why people supplement with deer velvet extract and what benefits they are looking to achieve.  Read More - Deer Velvet Benefits

Is Deer Antler Velvet Safe To Use

Have you ever wondered if it is safe to use deer antler velvet extract as an IGF-1 supplement?  Truth be told deer antler velvet has been used for thousands of years in the orient to treat joint pain, build immunity and as an anti-aging support.  Recently researchers are testing it's effects towards building muscle and faster recovery times.  T big key to understanding it is learning how to take it and how the iGF-1 works.  To learn more read Is Deer Antler Spray Safe To Use

New Deer Antler Velvet 100% Pure New Zealand Extract

The hardest decision is finding the best deer antler velvet from the purest source.  After plenty of research, time and resources we have found it.  This is the preferred supplement for professional athletes and body builders looking for 100% pure deer antler velvet.  See more on why this one is the best - Pure Deer Velvet Extract

Deer Antlers Velvet Spray Banned By Professional Baseball

Recently professional baseball has added certain types of deer antler sprays and IGF-1 sprays to their list of banned supplements.  One of the deer antler sprays banned has to do with an un-listed ingredient showing up in drug test.  To learn more read B Deer Antler Spray Banned By Baseball

How To Choose Deer Velvet IGF-1 Extract

Choosing the best deer velvet IGF-1 extract can be a daunting task with so many choices quickly popping up throughout the supplement world.  If shopping by price you can find it for as little as $6 a bottle.  However, that will be a complete waste of money. Especially when you do not get the desired results.  There are companies offering the same $6 supplements with a different label on them at a significantly higher price.  They use the product name as a tool of deception by using it to leave the consumer with the assumption that the name reflects the potency.  No worries, there are quality products at a variety of price points.  You just need to know what to look for.  Read more How To Choose Deer Velvet IGF-1 Extract

What Is IGF-1

Many people do not know what IGF-1 is and how it effects the body.  IGF-1 is vital for our survival.  Our body produces IGF-1 naturally.  It is known as insulin like growth factor 1.  Find out more.  Read What Is IGF-1

IGF-1 Articles and Information

Read further to find out more about IGF-1.  See how insulin like growth factors work in the body and why so many people have turned to deer antler velvet for IGF-1 supplementation.  It's been accredited to many potential health benefits.  See what they are.  Read More -  IGF-1 Articles

What Are The Benefits Of IGF-1

Most companies aren't willing to take the time to add research to their claims.  We know it is important for the consumer to make informative decisions.  Billions of dollars are wasted annually on vitamins and supplements with advertised claims about their capacities.  We've taken the time to help the consumer learn about what IGF-1 is supposed to do.  Read more about researched benefits of IGF-1.

What Are The Most Common Questions Regarding IGF-1

There are a variety of common questions about IGF-1.  Many ask if it really works to build muscle or keep fat weight gains at bay.  Many people don't even know what IGF stands for and how our bodies utilize it.  We will constantly update our IGF-1 FAQ page with any new information or support that people are searching for.  Learn More At IGF-1 FAQ

Foods That Boost Libido

Ever thought about which foods may help your libido?  We've found a few libido boosting foods that may be the spark or spring you've been looking for.  These everyday foods offer important nutrients that directly effect libido.  No.  They aren't expensive or exotic.  These can be found at your everyday grocer.  See Them At Foods That Increase Libido

Top 10 Reasons To Build Lean Muscle Mass

What's your reason for bulking up?  Are you trying to lean up for a competition?  Are you looking to sharpen those sexy curves?  We've found a few things we think you should know about the benefits of building lean muscle mass.  Learn more at Top 10 Muscle Building